Did Sam Jackson Crash the Star Wars VII Auditions?


Three ex-Jedis walk into a bar… Samuel L. Jackson shared an amusing anecdote with ETonline about the idea of crashing the Star Wars: Episode VII auditions with fellow former Star Wars stars when he and Dominic Cooper recently sat down to talk up their new thriller Reasonable Doubt. Will we see Mace Windu in the next Star Wars chapter? Watch the video for the answer, plus a few new questions about the future of Marvel's The Avengers -- and Sam's reflections on his Pulp Fiction legacy…

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"They were holding [Star Wars: Episode VII] auditions when we were [in the U.K. filming] The Secret Service," explains Sam to ETonline. "So Ewan [McGregor] was in town doing some movie, and I was working with Mark Hamill, and they announced on the radio they were holding auditions for Star Wars. I said, 'We should go! Just see what happens. See if we actually get a job, you know?' Three ex-Jedis looking to be Jedis."

Of course, according to the Star Wars: Episode VII timeline, Mace Windu and McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi are both dead, so it would be an interesting notion to see how they would be integrated if the former Star Wars stars actually hung out at auditions for a lark…

In Marvel's The Avengers news, Sam also provides an update on whether or not there will be a solo Nick Fury movie, and Dominic ruminates on whether or not his Howard Stark will continue to be a part of the Marvel Universe after Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the video.

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And two weeks ago, Pulp Fiction was named as one of 25 movies to join the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress to be preserved as cinematic treasures for generations to come, and Sam reacted on the day that the news was announced.

"I always knew that Pulp made a difference in the way films were made at a certain point – they changed direction and people tried to do what Quentin [Tarantino] did," says Sam. "It's amazing to know that I was part of something like that, and even more amazing that people will study it, and it gives my career a bit of longevity, even when I'm gone. It's kind of cool."

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Head back to ETonline next week for more with Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper, as they talk about their very different roles in Reasonable Doubt (on VOD and in theaters January 17) – and what happens any time Sam shows up for jury duty!