ET FIRST: Cameron Diaz Regrets Botox


Actress Cameron Diaz has admitted having injections of Botox in the past, but exclusively tells ET that she's not a fan of the anti-aging procedure.

Speaking to ET special correspondent and animal rights activist Beth Stern, the 41-year-old Diaz commented about experimenting with Botox. "I've tried [Botox] before, where it was like [a] little tiny touch of something. It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, 'No, I don't want to [be] like [that]' … I'd rather see my face aging than a face that doesn't belong to me at all."

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The Counselor actress goes on to say that she doesn't dislike her laugh lines. "I love it, I don't mind. It's like, 'Guess what this means, I've smiled my whole life.' I love life. I'm happy I don't have a problem with that."

Diaz offers her own nutrition and fitness tips in her book The Body Book, which is available now.

Prior to writing her book, though, Diaz admits that she didn't always do a good job of eating healthy.

"I was two bean burritos with extra cheese, extra sauce, no onions and a large Coke," said Diaz.

While her dietary habits didn't affect her weight, it did wreak havoc on her complexion.

"My skin was really bad," admitted Diaz, who didn't nail down the cause of her skin troubles until she was in her 20s.

"I remember telling me things when I was 20 and I was like, 'That doesn't apply to me.' Guess what? It does," said Diaz.