Exclusive: Octavia on Impact of Fruitvale Tragedy


Why did freshly-minted Oscar winner Octavia Spencer get involved with the dramatic true tale Fruitvale Station, and how was she affected by the real-life people portrayed in the film? Watch our exclusive clip from the DVD, available Tuesday.

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Based on the real-life, tragic tale of the death of Oscar Grant at the hand of a Bay Area policeman on New Year's Eve, Fruitvale Station follows the events of Grant's (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan) day leading up to the shocking incident, and how his efforts to start turning his way of life around were derailed permanently. Spencer plays the 22-year-old Grant's mother.

Grant was fatally shot in the back by a BART officer at the Fruitvale Station platform in the wake of a scuffle on New Year's Eve, 2008.

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Written and directed by Ryan Coogler, Fruitvale Station also stars Melonie Diaz and Ariana Neal.

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