WATCH: Is 'Ride Along' the New 'Bad Boys'?


According to their complimentary co-stars, the chemistry between comedian Kevin Hart and actor/rapper Ice Cube in the new buddy-cop comedy Ride Along can't be denied. Could Cube and Hart be the best police duo since Bad Boys, Rush Hour and/or 48 Hours?

The film stars Hart, 34, as a fast-talking security guard who is forced to go on a ride-along with his future brother-in-law, a gruff police officer played by Cube. In order to marry Cube's sister, Hart has to prove himself capable of taking care of her, and being a "real man."

"I got paid to laugh, basically," Tika Sumpter, who plays Hart's love interest and Cube's sister, said of her co-stars at the Hollywood Ride Along premiere on Monday night, Jan. 13. "I just sat back and watched Kevin Hart do his thing. He's a comical genius to me."

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Co-star John Leguizamo chimed in about the fun of filming with the funnymen. "They goof with each other, and they are so free. Hart makes fun of Cube, saying that he's out of shape. Cube makes fun of him, saying that he's short, and gets on his knees," he told ET. "You're laughing all day long with the two of them."

Cube, 44, has high hopes for the film, telling ET that he wants the comedy to be held in high esteem within the buddy-cop genre. "We in it to do great movies. ...We wanna be talked about with 48 Hours, Rush Hour, Bad Boys. That's what we wanna do. We wanna be in that stratosphere and I think we hit it."

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Check out the video for more from the stars of Ride Along, including Cube and Hart's take on shooting the movie.

Ride Along
hits theaters January 17. What do you think? Could this be the next Bad Boys?