Heigl & Arnett Plot 'The Nut Job' For Their Kids


Katherine Heigl and Will Arnett play squirrels who mastermind the heist of a lifetime in the animated family comedy The Nut Job, in theaters today, and the stars tell ET about the top reason why they each took on the project: Their kids!

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"'I did this for you! You understand that, right? Don't harass me for another thing,'" jokes Katherine about talking to her daughter about the film. Will adds, "This is definitely something that I'm excited that they're excited about. They don't really care that I'm in it as much as they just want to see it, so for me it's very important that I can share these kinds of things with my kids."

The action-packed 3D comedy follows the misadventures of Surly (voiced by Arnett), a mischievous squirrel, and his rat friend Buddy (Robert Tinkler). When their food supply for the winter suddenly disappears, the urban rodents luckily stumble upon the ultimate nut paradise -- and plot a heist of outrageous proportions. Can their scraggly team of squirrels, rats and dogs pull it off?

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The Nut Job also features the vocal talents of Liam Neeson, Brendan Fraser, Stephen Lang, Sarah Gadon and Jeff Dunham.

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