Exclusive: What Hooked Redford for 'All Is Lost'


Robert Redford delivers one of the most stunning and acclaimed performances of his career as a lone man struggling to survive on the sea in All Is Lost, out on VOD Tuesday and hitting Blu-ray and DVD February 11, and we have an exclusive look behind the scenes!

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So how was the 77-year-old Redford hooked to play such a challenging role for another director? He explains, "When I read it I said, 'Jeez, I mean, this is pretty tough stuff.' And the fact that there was only one character in it, and there was no dialogue, I felt that kind of boldness was exciting. I tend to lean towards things that are not so identifiable."

In theaters now, the gripping survival drama of courage and perseverance features Oscar winner Robert Redford's heralded return as an actor for hire, playing a man who must battle to survive after his boat is wrecked in the open seas. The film was written and directed by J.C. Chandor, the Oscar-nominated writer of Margin Call.

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The All Is Lost Blu-ray and DVD, available February 11, includes audio commentary by the director and producers as well as captivating, in-depth behind-the-scenes featurettes including a look at the film's director, star, music and more.

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