What Was Fact & Fiction in 'Wolf of Wall Street'


ET's Nancy O'Dell got the lowdown on The Wolf of Wall Street's truths and inaccuracies straight from the mouth of "The Wolf" himself.

Jordan Belfort, whose life provided the source material for Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-nominated performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, admits that some of the debauchery seen in the movie actually did happen, but he claims that there were some inaccuracies in the movie.

Nancy's first question: Where there really call girls in the office?

"There were prostitutes that were downstairs," said Belfort. "A lot of the hooker stuff happened at night."

And what about sailing into a deadly storm? Belfort says that, too, was true.

"That was just the craziest thing -- that storm," said Belfort. "It was a freak storm. No one thought that was going to happen."

In the movie, the main character makes a defiant return back to the company in a spirited speech. That, according to Belfort, was false.

"When I gave that speech, I left," said Belfort. "I left after '95. I completely cut ties with the firm and then it went off in a different direction."

Watch the video to find out whether or not Belfort really took part in the tossing of little people for sport.