New Trailer: Has James Franco Completely Lost it?


Is he a movie star, a product pitch man, a PhD candidate, an Oscar host, or soap star? James Franco plays with his sometimes confusing multi-hyphenate persona with a character that seems to be losing his mind in the '60s-set, somewhat meta indie comedy Maladies, and we have a first look at the trailer...

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In Maladies, James plays James, an unstable former soap opera star looking to jump-start his creative writing juices, only to flounder with a serious identity crisis. Living with his sister (Fallon Goodson) at the seaside home of his best friend Catherine (Catherine Keener), James slowly loses his grip on reality as he struggles to complete his grand memoir. Alan Cumming and David Strathairn also star.

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Directed by Franco's buddy Carter, who helmed the unique short film Erased James Franco, Maladies opens in theaters March 21st.

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