Jean-Claude Van Damme Flexes Comedy Chops!


Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme recently demonstrated that he's still in incredible shape by doing the splits between two trucks in an amazing stunt for a Volvo commercial that ended up getting 69 million views on YouTube. But now the "Muscles from Brussels" is also trying his hand at comedy and we caught up with him on the set of one of his funny new projects!

We spoke with the 53-year-old Van Damme in the studio where he was throwing fake movie-style punches in front of a green screen for a contest that just launched on Funny or Die
in which users can create and upload their own action movies starring
him. "Funny or Die approached me to do this great concept where kids and
adults will be able to put me in their own movies. With this CG
background, I do all types of action moves and everything, just so they
can make fun of me, that's it."

Van Damme also spoke about starring in the comedy film Welcome to the Jungle, in limited theater release and on VOD now. "You know what's nice about making comedy? Like in The Expendables we were all like this, looking at each other. It's good to have an ego, because an ego makes you better, right? But in Welcome to the Jungle,
the more stupid you are -- if you're like the dumbest on the set --
then you win! So there's no ego there. When you do a comedy you've got
to be as dumb as possible." He added: "But you also need the timing and
everything, so you have fun -- it was a fun film for me."


Watch the video to get a sneak peek of Welcome to the Jungle and toalso hear Van Damme's training secrets for staying lean and flexible! 

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