Will Viola Davis Star in J.Lo's New Music Video?!


Jennifer Lopez and Viola Davis are co-starring in Lifetime Films and A + E Studios' upcoming independent film Lila & Eve, but this actually isn't the first time the two actresses have worked together -- Lopez and Davis were both in the Steven Soderbergh classic Out of Sight, which also co-starred George Clooney!

"Feature film debut for me, so I felt like I made it," Davis recalls.

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"I remember Viola very well, we had a great time that day," Lopez adds.

But their new film together, which Davis is also producing, is much darker than the 1998 sexy thriller. Lila & Eve tells the story of a grief stricken mother (Davis), who in the aftermath of her son's murder in a drive-by shooting, attends a support group where she meets Eve (Lopez), who has lost her daughter. When Lila hits numerous roadblocks from the police in bringing justice for her son's slaying, Eve urges Lila to take matters into her own hands to track down her son's killers. The two women soon embark on a killing spree of their own, avenging the murder of Lila's son.

"For me this movie is about how different people handle their anger, you know," Lopez says. " ... You see the different ways people are dealing with the angst and the anguish of losing a child. Lila and me happen to connect on a certain level, with how they have similar feelings of how to deal with their feelings. The movie in general is heavy in that sense -- it's exciting, it's scary, it makes you think."

But Davis stresses that the dark subject matter also leads to a story about hope.

"It's ultimately very cathartic," she explains. "And hopeful for people who are grieving, and for people who want to see a way to forgiveness, and faith and hope."

But will the two ladies work together a third time, perhaps in a Lopez music video?!

"Really, she does not want me in the video because she knows I'm gonna make her look bad," Davis jokes.

"Listen, I gotta protect my image!" Lopez laughs.

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Watch the video to see some behind-the-scenes footage of the intense new film.

Lila & Eve is scheduled for release in late 2014/early 2015.