Costner Plays Spy & Family Man in '3 Days To Kill'


In 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner faces the two hardest challenges of his life: stopping a ruthless terrorist and reconnecting with his estranged teenage daughter.

Costner takes on the role of Ethan Renner, a Secret Service agent with a terminal diagnosis. He is given the chance to try out an experimental drug that could cure his disease, but must complete one last dangerous mission in order to get the treatment.

Meanwhile, he's spent his life keeping his ex-wife and estranged daughter at arm's length, to protect them from the danger that comes with his line of work. Given his prognosis, Ethan is now ready to reconnect with his child.

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While the movie is written by action icon Luc Besson, and helmed by Terminator: Salvation director McG, it has more to offer than full-on action.

This exclusive clip from the thriller offers a glimpse at the distant relationship between Costner and his daughter, played by True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld. She is going to the prom, but doesn't know how to dance, so her father teaches her the steps to her mother's favorite song.

3 Days to Kill
explodes into theaters February 21.

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