Depp Reaches 'Transcendence' In Explosive Trailer


As technology progresses, so does mankind's march towards melding a human mind with a digital interface, at least according to the action-packed new trailer for sci-fi thriller Transcendence.

Johnny Depp stars as a scientist named Will, who is studying new forms of Artificial Intelligence technology. Will's best friend Max (Paul Bettany) and his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) help him with his research.

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One day, a radical anti-technology terrorist group shoots Will with an irradiated bullet, causing him to slowly but surely die. Before his death, Will convinces Evelyn and Max to use him as a test subject, and transfer his mind into a computer, creating the first singularity between humanity and technology.

But quickly it becomes clear that something has changed in this digital version of Will, and according to the many screaming faces and blaring gun fights in this exciting trailer, things quickly begin to fall apart in an apocalyptic way.

Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy and Cole Hauser co-star in this directorial debut from Wally Pfister, the legendary cinematographer best known for working with Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan on nearly all of his major films.

hits theaters April 18. What do you think of the trailer? Play movie critic in the comments. 

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