Valentine's Day Flashback: 'The Notebook'

Valentine's Day Flashback: 'The Notebook'

The Notebook is arguably the most romantic movie to watch on Valentine's Day, with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams playing a young and tempestuous pairing of James Garner and Gena Rowlands in the bittersweet, enduring drama that has grown to be a modern classic. ET was with the young stars back in 2004 as they talked about their auditions -- and the real love in Ryan's life!

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Following the breakout success of Mean Girls, Rachel revealed whether she was ready for the fame that comes with being a movie actress. Meanwhile, Ryan was eager to chat about how, after an exhaustive search for a female lead, Rachel walked in and just killed it during her audition. He also added that his fellow Mouseketeer Britney Spears auditioned for the coveted role. He then asked our ET interviewer, "Do you know any nice girls?!"

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Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel and directed by Nick Cassavetes, The Notebook is told in flashbacks, framed by a present-day elderly couple (Garner and Rowlands) at a nursing home who are reliving their past. A tale of two young people (Gosling and McAdams) from opposite sides of the tracks -- who are tragically torn apart and later reunited but forced to choose between class order and true love -- the film is a story of lost chances and a testament to the power of enduring love.