Derek Hough On His 'Move' From TV to Film


Dancing with the Stars
pro Derek Hough is transitioning from the small screen to the silver screen with his debut movie performance in the upcoming Make Your Move, starring as a New Orleans street performer who moves to New York, and falls in love with a young pop dancer in the big city.

Derek also wrote a song for the film called Let Me In, and is creating a music video for the track. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the 28-year-old performer on the set of the video, and he opened up about the transition from live TV to movies.

"One of the big differences I found in doing my first film was being able to take numerous takes," Derek explained. "I'm so used to live. Either live television or live on stage, where, if you mess up, that's it. You only get one chance."

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"I found myself, during shooting, dancing and then being so mad at myself because I messed up," he continued. "I had to really grasp hold of being able to do numerous takes."

Check out the video for more from Derek, including what he thinks makes for a perfect dance partner, and some fun stories about his brief cameo in the first Harry Potter film.

Make Your Move
is set to his theaters April 18, 2014.