Exclusive Clip: Kyra & Vince Clash in 'Chlorine'


Ever go to a party and argue at the front door with your significant other before you put on a happy face? Being a longtime couple can get tiresome when you don't see eye to eye, especially in a social situation, and it's expertly portrayed by Kyra Sedgwick and Vincent D’Onofrio in this exclusive clip from their upcoming indie class dramedy, Chlorine. Watch and cringe...

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In theaters and on VOD February 28, Chlorine is a tale of classic American greed that follows Vincent and Kyra's Roger and Georgie Lent, a middle-class couple whose marriage is disintegrating as they struggle with their position in life. Not complacent with settling for less, Georgie pressures her beleaguered average Joe hubby to invest in their town's booming housing market bubble in the hopes that their family can be saved. But will the guilt of a dirty investment ultimately tear them apart?

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Directed by Jay Alaimo, Chlorine also stars Flora Cross, Ryan Donowho, Jordan Belfi, Elisabeth Röhm, Rhys Corio, Michele Hicks, Dreama Walker and Tom Sizemore.

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