Can 'Son of God' Trio Tackle Our Bible Quiz?

The tale of Jesus Christ is coming to the big screen on February 28, with Portuguese hunk Diogo Morgado once again portraying the Son of God, and he sits down with ET's Nancy O'Dell to talk up the epic experience.

The tale of Jesus Christ is coming to the big screen in Son of God on February 28. How well do its key players know the Bible? ET's Brooke Anderson quizzes title star Diogo Morgado, producer Mark Burnett and producer/co-star Roma Downey!

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The last time big-screen audiences saw the story of Jesus was in The Passion of the Christ a decade ago, and that was about the last days of his life. Not since 1965's The Greatest Story Ever Told has the story of his life been shared. Now in Son of God, the larger-than-life story of The New Testament is told -- spanning from Christ's humble birth and His teachings to His crucifixion and ultimate resurrection -- with the scope and scale of an action epic, featuring powerful performances, exotic locales, dazzling visual effects and a rich orchestral score from Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer.

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Directed by Christopher Spencer, Son of God co-stars Greg Hicks, Adrian Schiller, Darwin Shaw, Sebastian Knapp, Joe Wredden, Simon Kunz, Paul Marc Davis, Matthew Gravelle, Amber Rose Revah, and Roma Downey.