Exclusive: Why Will's Mom Would Like 'Nebraska'


What was the best part of making Nebraska for Will Forte? Probably the fact that he didn't have to get naked for laughs... Known for his comedic chops stemming from his Saturday Night Live days, Forte surprised many with his heartfelt dramatic performance in director Alexander Payne's latest Oscar-nominated film. In this exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray Combo Pack, out Tuesday, Will delivers some insight into his experience on the film, while Payne explains why he cast the SNL star.

PICS: Guess That Star

Nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picure, Nebraska stars Bruce Dern as a stubborn, somewhat cantankerous Wyoming man who thinks he's struck it rich after receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail. Determined to collect his supposed $1 million prize in the next state, his son (played by Forte) finally gives in and takes him on a road trip to Nebraska to claim the fortune, and to also spend some time with his equally eccentric family, who suddenly become very interested in his "winnings."

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Also starring June Squibb, Stacy Keach and Bob Odenkirk, the Nebraska Blu-ray Combo Pack includes The Making of Nebraska, a six-part featurette covering the film's script, cast and characters, locations, shooting in black and white and more.

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