Drake Bell Soars in 'Birds Of Paradise' Trailer

A young bird goes from plain to exotic in this high-flying 'Birds of Paradise' trailer.

ETonline presents the exclusive trailer for the upcoming animated film Birds Of Paradise, available on DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand April 1.

Jack (Drake Bell) is a simple ordinary sparrow, in love with a canary named Aurora who has escaped from her cage. One day, Jack gets splattered with brightly colored paint, and suddenly looks like an exotic songbird. Believing his new appearance will attract Aurora, Jack is lead on a wild journey where he will learn that what really matters in life is on the inside.

Drake Bell, Ashley Tisdale, Jon Lovitz, Ken Jeong, Jane Lynch, Keith David and many others provide their voice talents for this mad-cap avian romp, written and produced by Mychal Simka.

Birds Of Paradise
hits DVD, Digital HD and Video on Demand April 1, 2014.