Tyler Perry's Secret to Doing It All

The Single Moms Club' Tyler Perry and Nia Long put each other in the hot seat!

Tyler Perry and Nia Long took on the roles of ET's Nancy O'Dell and Rob Marciano when it came to interviewing each other about their new film The Single Moms Club, in which director/producer/writer/actor Perry revealed how he's able to take on so many roles!

"My process is, you know, I start out in the morning with a nice cup of coffee, and by the evening, I want some cognac," he joked. "In the middle of the day I try to enjoy myself a whole lot with a little red wine, white wine, and black wine, and green wine and green eggs and ham. That's my process."

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But on a serious note, Long shared that filming this movie, which centers around the bond between a group of single moms from different walks of life, was especially important to her given that she herself was raised by a single mom.

"I learned a greater appreciation for all the things that my mom has done, all the things that my mom sacrificed, and all the things that she does to help me, to support me," she said. "I love you mommy!"

As for Perry, he dedicates the film to his aunt Geraldine, who raised for boys by herself in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"She didn't take no stuff from nobody, worked at a hospital down in New Orleans, worked day and night to make sure her kids had what they need, and this is all dedicated to her," he shared.

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Check out the video to hear Long dish on what it's like playing Perry's love interest, and to hear Perry's "sexy voice!"
The Single Moms Club hits theaters March 14.