What's in a Name? Kurt is Crunch in 'Art of Steal'


Snake Plissken. Jack Burton. Lucky Lockhart. Steve Stronghold. Stuntman Mike… Kurt Russell has played a myriad of characters in his storied film career, and if there's one thing that remains consistent, it's that they all have strong, memorable names. You can add Crunch Calhoun to that list with his new caper film The Art of the Steal, in theaters today, and Kurt explains to ETonline why an ordinary name just won't do. Watch the video...

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Also now available on VOD, the highly entertaining ensemble heist thriller casts Kurt as Crunch, a third rate motorcycle daredevil and semi-reformed art thief who agrees to one final job with his untrustworthy brother (played by Matt Dillon). Of course, the plan to lift a masterpiece goes awry and Crunch's code of honor and the bonds of brotherhood are seriously put to the test.

Written and directed by Jonathan Sobol, The Art of the Steal co-stars Jay Baruchel, Katheryn Winnick, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jason Jones, Kenneth Welsh and Terence Stamp.

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Watch the video for more, including the main reason why the 62-year-old Kurt has no plans to retire from acting any time soon!

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