Who was the Biggest Diva of 'Captain America 2'?

There's always one!

The cast of Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier has at least four Oscar nominations and four Golden Globe nominations between them, but who was the biggest diva on set? ET's Brooke Anderson found out at the film's premiere.

During Brooke's hunt for the most high-maintenance actor, one name came up over and over again -- Anthony Mackie.

"[Mackie] came in and changed the whole dynamic," said Samuel L. Jackson. "Mackie always wants his own thing."

"I make my own sandwiches; I mind my own business," said Scarlett Johansson. "Mackie likes his sandwich made for him. What can I say?"

Watch the video to hear Mackie's response.

In theaters April 4, Captain America: The Winter Soldier also stars Chris Evans, Robert Redford, Hayley Atwell returning to play Peggy Carter, Cobie Smulders, Georges St. Pierre, Toby Jones and Maximiliano Hernández.