Rocsi Takes on Joe Manganiello in Sabotage Pushups


When Arnold Schwarzenegger commends you for your physique, you know life is good... Joe Manganiello co-stars with the former Governator/bodybuilder alongside a supporting cast of convincing badasses for the new DEA task force thriller Sabotage, and to get a feel for the elite task force experience, ET's Rocsi Diaz is on an exclusive training mission with the True Blood and Magic Mike star, who also delivers his best Ah-nuld impression! Watch the video, and stay tuned for Joe and Rocsi's push-up contest!

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End of Watch director and Training Day screenwriter David Ayer helms the new movie, which co-stars Terrence Howard, Sam Worthington, Josh Holloway, Mireille Enos and Olivia Williams in a story of an elite DEA task force whose members start getting picked off one by one after the team steals money from a drug cartel safe house.

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Sabotage explodes into theaters March 28.

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