Rocsi Takes on Joe Manganiello in Sabotage Pushups

ET's Rocsi Diaz is on an exclusive training mission with the Sabotage star Joe Manganiello, who delivers his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression and takes on Rocsi in a push-up contest!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger commends you for your physique, you know life is good... Joe Manganiello co-stars with the former Governator/bodybuilder alongside a supporting cast of convincing badasses for the new DEA task force thriller Sabotage, and to get a feel for the elite task force experience, ET's Rocsi Diaz is on an exclusive training mission with the True Blood and Magic Mike star, who also delivers his best Ah-nuld impression! Watch the video, and stay tuned for Joe and Rocsi's push-up contest!

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End of Watch director and Training Day screenwriter David Ayer helms the new movie, which co-stars Terrence Howard, Sam Worthington, Josh Holloway, Mireille Enos and Olivia Williams in a story of an elite DEA task force whose members start getting picked off one by one after the team steals money from a drug cartel safe house.

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Sabotage explodes into theaters March 28.