EXCLUSIVE: Life Gets Scary When You 'Rob The Mob'


A down on their luck and crazy in love couple from Queens needs some fast cash, and are willing to break the law to get it. But how do you get away with massive theft? Steal from people who can't go to the cops. Specifically, Rob the Mob.

This is the scheme thought up by Tommy, played by Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt, and his wild lover Rosie, played by Nina Arianda. In this true-life story of a couple of small-time crooks, Tommy and Rosie end up knocking off mob-run social clubs.

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Soon, the FBI and an army of made men are on their trail, and the young lovers become hunted targets.

In this exclusive clip from the crime thriller, Tommy is trying to convince Rosie to be the getaway driver. She's reluctant, but Tommy assures her that no one is going to get hurt. However, the sub-machine gun Tommy is keeping in the fridge indicates that he means business.

Rob the Mob
also stars Ocean's Eleven's Andy Garcia and Parenthood star Ray Romano. The film hits theaters in limited release March 21.

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