First ET Interview: Tina Fey Dishes on 'Mean Girls' in 2004


Tina Fey is returning to the big screen this weekend in Muppets Most Wanted, but it turns out this comedy queen’s first big break was actually behind the scenes.

The funny lady made a name for herself as the first female head writer on Saturday Night Live from 1999-2006. While she did keep very busy on SNL, she still found time to pen Mean Girls -- and talk about the film in her First ET Interview in 2004.

"I had been wanting to try to learn how to write a movie. I had been looking for a subject matter for me for a couple of years," she told ET. "When I got this book, Queen Bees and Wannebes, which is the book that the movie is loosely based on, this is the first time I thought, 'Oh here's this topic, it's really kind of juicy, and it's funny. Maybe this will be the one to try.'"

A decade later, Tina is at the top of her game. Not only does she have an incredible movie career, she also has a bestselling novel, Bossypants, under her belt. In addition, she also created, wrote, and produced seven seasons of the NBC hit comedy 30 Rock, and co-hosted the Golden Globes twice with her BFF and fellow SNL alum, Amy Poehler.

Be sure to click on the video above to see more of Tina's Mean Girls confessions!