Exclusive Clip: Rick Schroder's 'Locker 13' Boxing Mystery


What is the mystery of Locker 13? Rick Shroder plays an aging boxer confronted with a serious moral dilemma in this brand-new anthology of five tales from five directors about life and death, in select theaters Friday. Watch an exclusive clip from the film!

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Tatyana Ali, Krista Allen, Curtis Armstrong, Jon Gries, Jon Polito, Rick Hoffman, Bart Johnson and Jason Marsden also star in this set of stories centered around a mysterious locker. Skip (Jason Spisak), the nighttime janitor in an Old West theme park, delves into the mysteries surrounding the old locker 13, uncovering chilling tales that underscore the importance of making the right choice: The recollection includes an aging boxer who is given an opportunity to become a real killing machine; a young man seeking membership in a secret society who experiences an initiation with deadly consequences; a would-be suicide shaken to his core by a menacing member of a very special club; and a hit man for hire playing a devious cat-and-mouse game with three women who have a score to settle. The stories suddenly come into play when Skip must make a life-or-death decision of his own.

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Locker 13
was directed by Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth and Donovan Montierth. Watch the trailer below:

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