ET Flashback: Kevin Bacon Pre-'Footloose' Fame


Kevin Bacon took us back in time last week on the Tonight Show by recreating his classic Footloose solo barn dance, and it was everything we hoped for and more! 

Now, ET is taking you back 30 years to 1984 when we chatted with a 24-year-old Kevin and his co-star, 18-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, on the set of Footloose

"I'm going through my lines, I'm saying my lines, playing the scenes and hoping for the best," Kevin told ET about his role as Ren McCormack. 

While Kevin certainly made a name for himself in the 1984 film, he made it pretty obvious that Footloose wasn't going to be the height of his career. 

"When they say, well Footloose is it, 'it' for him? It's not 'it' for me," he told ET. "It's the beginning of the middle of the end of the beginning. It's just one step in, I hope a long career. It's exciting." 

Check out the video above to see what a young Sarah Jessica Parker had to say about her role!