Rumer Willis Follows Dad's Tarantino Footsteps

Rumer Willis talks performing in For the Record: Tarantino, plus her famous folks.

Rumer Willis, 25, is currently generating a lot of buzz for her impressive performance in For the Record: Tarantino, a theatrical show which adapts the most memorable characters and music from the eccentric director's films into a theatrical concert setting. Immersing the audience in the world of cinema and music, the performers use the entire space -- Los Angeles' DBA Club -- to bring Tarantino's most famous works including Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained to life.

Rumer remarkably plays multiple characters from Tarantino's films in the two-hour show, most notably Uma Thurman's roles in Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

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"Our knees don't look that pretty after we're done with the show," Rumer tells ET's Rob Marciano about the physically demanding performance, which includes handling guns, knives and even swords. "I mean, it's fun. That's the best part of it. Because not many people get to go and take some of their favorite movies and then sing the songs, or do the scenes. I mean, I love watching Pulp Fiction and watching Uma Thurman doing the twist, so to be able to recreate that ... is so much fun. And people love watching it. It's cool."

Rumer's famous parents Demi Moore and Bruce Willis -- who memorably played Butch Coolidge in 1994's Pulp Fiction -- are definitely supportive of Rumer's exciting new role, with Demi even giving her eldest daughter some pointers.

"It's not a critique, but more so, she just gives me advice and she's got a great eye for this stuff anyway," she explains.

But is Bruce an overprotective father, especially when it comes to some of Rumer's racier scenes?

"He probably won't notice anymore -- he'll just think I'm a bad ass for fighting with a sword," she laughs.

And as for scaring off her boyfriends in real-life?

"No, he's such a goofball. He's a really cool guy," she surprisingly says.

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Check out the video for her thoughts on if she'll be expecting a new baby sister or a new baby brother from Bruce and her step-mother Emma Heming, who are expecting their second child together this year!

For The Record: Tarantino is playing now in Los Angeles through May 17th. Click here for more information.