ET NOW: 'Transcendence' Trailer, 'Draft Day' Cast Chat


In your ET Now, we dissect the latest Transcendence trailer and talk with the star of Draft Day.

First up, Johnny Depp is part man, part machine in his new sci-fi role. In Transcendence, Depp plays a scientist named Will that is targeted for assassination because of his groundbreaking work toward artificial intelligence: "Will's body is dying but his mind is a pattern of electrical signals."

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Another film getting a lot of buzz is Kevin Costner's new, based-on-a-true-story flick Draft Day. Just looking at the actor's resume, it's clear that Costner is a sports fan. He's taken a couple of athletic roles in movies such as Bull Durham, Field of Dreams and Tin Cup. Now, he's tackling football!

"I am a big football fan and it felt good knowing we were gonna make a great movie about a sport I love," the 59-year-old says.

Draft Day
hits theaters April 11, 2014, while Transcendence debuts April 18, 2014. Which film are you more likely to see?