ET Now: 'Captain America's' Anthony Mackie Soars With The Thunderbirds


Before Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters Friday, the film's star Anthony Mackie and ET's Brooke Anderson got the chance of a lifetime to fly with the Air Force's Elite Unite, The Thunderbirds. 

The flight, which lasted for one hour, required 4 hours of training and extensive explanation from Staff Sergeant Madeline Conley to the equipment being used to keep the fliers safe.

"This hooks into the aircraft and when you feel the pull what's called G's," Staff Sergeant Conley said. "These bladders will inflate. And what it will do is push the blood from lower extremities up, so it keeps circulating in your heart and your brain."

While it was certainly a lot to take in, the flight still went on and left quite the lasting impression on Anthony.

"Bucket list complete," the actor admitted. 

Check out this video to see how things really took off!