Aaron Paul & Amanda Seyfried Party With Pittsburgh


Before Aaron Paul dealt drugs on Breaking Bad or Amanda Seyfried sung her heart out in Les Miserables, the two young stars were getting intimate on the HBO drama Big Love. Now, they are starring again in Fathers and Daughters, and ET Canada has an inside look at their friendship on and off the set.

Aaron Paul is a man of the people, and he proved it when he invited the entire city of Pittsburgh to party with him and Seyfried when they were having a night out on the town. One tweet to his millions of followers, and the two stars were surrounded by supporters.

However, Seyfried had a bit of a harder time than Paul getting down with the fans.

"I'm pretty shy when it comes to people," Seyfried, 28, told ET Canada. "[When] I see a group of people like that, my introvert really comes out."

Check out the video for more from the dynamic duo, and learn why Seyfried says acting with Paul feels like acting with "an ex-boyfriend."

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