Elle Fanning: 'Maleficent' Is the Prettiest Disney Villain

Elle Fanning talks Angelina Jolie's 'Amazing' Maleficent cheekbones.

ET caught up with Elle Fanning at Marie Claire's Fresh Faces party Tuesday night in West Hollywood, Calif. to celebrate their May issue which will feature five different covers -- Elle, Lupita Nyong'o, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen and Emilia Clarke -- where she also chatted about the highly anticipated Maleficent.

Elle, 16, dished that Angelina Jolie will definitely not disappoint as the spooky Sleeping Beauty villain.

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"Angelina looks pretty cool. They added the cheekbones on top of her already, like, amazing cheekbones. I couldn't think of anyone else to play that part," she said. "Because when you think of Maleficent, she's definitely the prettiest Disney villain -- the most elegant."

As for Elle, she's just psyched she gets to play her favorite Disney princess.

"Just being a princess is like, every girl's dream," she smiles. "I mean, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite ... she's great. She's the best one."

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