Leslie Mann Teaches Us How to Pronounce Judd Apatow's Name


The Other Woman star Leslie Mann is married to writer/producer Judd Apatow -- the man responsible for such classics as The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up-- and at the MTV Movie Awards red carpet Sunday, the actress finally set the
record straight on how exactly to pronounce his famous last name!

"Apa-toe, Apato," she laughed, calling out the various ways people mispronounce his last name, before verifying "Apa-tow," as the correct pronunciation.

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Plenty of other huge stars hit the Los Angeles red carpet Sunday night in Los Angeles, including Neighbors' Dave Franco, who revealed that he wasn’t always the best neighbor himself.

In fact, he once burned down his dorm room.

"In college, we actually burned down our dorm room freshman year," he recalled. "You live in a small room with two guys, it stars not to smell too great, and so we got a cookie dough scented candle off eBay to make it smell like fresh baked cookies, and it ended up burning our room down."

As for his big brother James' advice for him, Dave revealed that it's to remain choosy about the film roles he takes.

"He never stops. He's got these new ambitions every single day, and it's admirable," he said. "The best thing he's taught me is to try to be patient I guess, and rather than trying to get a job just to work, try to wait for something you really love."

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