'Heaven Is For Real' Boy Details Near-Death Experience


Colton Burpo, whose story has become the basis for a best-selling book and new movie, sat down with ET and detailed the near-death experience that has touched millions of lives.

Heaven is For Real recounts what Colton calls his journey from heaven and back.

"First of all, there's trees, there's water, there's grass, there's angels," Colton told ET's Rob Marciano. "There's everything there. ...Heaven is so much better than how they use it in the movie."

Now 15, Colton's vision came at age four during emergency surgery. Colton's parents Todd and Sonja were skeptical of their son's story until he began telling them things about their lives that he couldn't possibly know.

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On a lighter note, Colton said that his journey has come with some unexpected perks, both for him and his friends.

"I've had friends pretend to be me to pick up girls," said Colton.

Watch the video to hear Connor Corum, the six-year-old actor who played Colton, describe his favorite part of the movie. Heaven is For Real is out now.