Exclusive: Casting the Ultimate Beauty for the Perfect 'Machine' (video)


How do you cast the ultimate beauty to play the perfect synthetic humanoid? That's the challenge the producers of The Machine confronted in making their new sci-fi thriller, in theaters Friday, and we have an exclusive look behind the scenes at Arrow star Caity Lotz in balletic action!

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The Machine
is set in near-future Britain, where a computer programmer (Black Sails and Die Another Day star Toby Stephens) helps create the first-ever piece of self-aware artificial intelligence, named Ava (played by Lotz). Designed to help humanity, events soon go awry when the government steals the innovation and programs it to become the ultimate weapon.

Writer/director Caradog W. James explains that he and the producers thought they would need to use a body double for some of Ava's movement scenes, but star Caity Lotz pleasantly surprised them by being more than capable of executing their choreographed moves convincingly.

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The Machine
is in theaters Friday and currently available on VOD. Watch the trailer below:

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