'The Other Woman' Beats The Other Movies To Top The Weekend Box Office

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After three weeks of action-packed Marvel fun, 'The Other Woman' fills the rom com void.

After three weekends of America getting its fill of action, in the form of Captain America punching baddies in the face for two hours, the country was in the mood for some good old fashion girl power rom com, and The Other Woman was there to fill that need.

The comedy revenge flick, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, dethroned Cap at the box office, securing the top spot by a sizeable margin.

The film follows the story of a Carly (Diaz), who discovers that her serious boyfriend is actually married to another woman. Carly accidentally meets his wife Kate (Mann), and the two women become friends. When Kate and Carly discover that he's cheating on both of them with the gorgeous Amber (Upton), they three girls team up to get revenge, and in the process discover he's actually cheating on all three of them with a fourth woman.

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It was a tale of love, betrayal and hijinks-filled revenge that spoke to audiences this week and raked in a respectable $24.7 million.

As for the weekend's other new releases, it was a somewhat disappointing weekend all around.

Captain America: The Winter Solider
dropped to second place in its fourth weekend in theaters, pulling in $16 million. In less than a month, Captain America has grossed $224.8 million in America alone. Overseas, it's pulled in a staggering $420.3 million, bringing its cumulative worldwide total to $645.1 million, off a $170 million budget. That’s already $1 more worldwide than the recent Thor: The Dark World took home in its total time in theaters and $275 million more than the first Captain America earned.

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The faith-based film Heaven Is For Real dropped down a spot as well, into third, earning $13.8 million. The film, based on a book of the same name, stars Greg Kinnear and Thomas Haden Church, and is about a small boy who claims to have gone to heaven and come back when he momentarily died during an operation. Despite its support in religious communities, the film has received lackluster reviews, but has still managed to take in a cumulative total of $51 million off a comparatively-low $12 million budget.

In fourth place was the animated signing bird movie Rio 2, which dropped one place from third, and earned $13.6 million. Its grand domestic total is now at $96.1 million, just $7 million short of its $103 million budget. However it has performed very well overseas, taking in an additional $247.8 million in foreign markets.

Debuting in fifth place is Brick Mansions, one of late-actor Paul Walker's last films. A remake of the French action film District 13, Brick Mansions is set in a dystopic future where a huge wall is built around Detroit because the police can no longer control the gangs and violence and deadly ecosystem of criminals and druggies develops in the city. When Lino (David Belle, star of the original District B-13), a man who lives in the city, finds his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a drug lord (RZA), he teams up with undercover cop Damien Collier (Walker) to get her back.

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Despite the draw of being Walker's last role, and the action-packed trailers, Brick Mansions only managed to earn $9.6 million, far short of its $28 million budget. And with the action-packed Amazing Spider-Man 2 set to come out next weekend, the action market will be quickly cornered, and could likely mean leaner times ahead for this project.

In sixth place is Transcendence, one of the more disappointing bombs of the year so far. Despite starring the strong ensemble of Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara, this techno sci-fi thriller failed to connect with audiences.

Debuting last week in fourth place with only $10.8 million, the film sunk far lower, dropping a massive 62.3% and taking in only $4.1 million this week. Its domestic total is only $18.4 million, and its unimpressive overseas gross comes in at $33.1 for a $51.5 million in worldwide earning, only slightly more than half of its $100 million budget.

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In a surprisingly weak debut, the found-footage horror flick The Quiet Ones opened in seventh place, with only $4 million, despite opening wide on over 2000 screens. It's budget is unreleased, however it is expected to be small, so a $4 million opening is not likely to be much of a loss, but it certainly wasn't the power performer that other low-budget horror films have proven to be in recent years.

Disney's nature documentary Bears moved up two spots from 10th to eight, but still dropped $24.5% from last week, pulling in $3.6 million. In ninth was the young adult action flick Divergent, which added $3.6 million to its total, bringing its domestic gross to $139.4 million, and the horror parody A Haunted House 2 dropped a whopping 5 spots, from fifth to 10th, and %63.1 million in sales, raking in only $3.2 million. However, despite the drop, its domestic gross of $14.2 million is still much higher than its impressively-small $4 budget.

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Next week, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to really open up the Summer blockbuster season. It's already earned $132 million globally, but still has to overcome its insanely massive $250 million estimated production budget. Do you think Spidey has what it takes to top the box office charts and turn an impressive profit?

1.The Other Woman - $24.7 million
2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - $16 million
3. Heaven Is For Real - $13.8 million
4. Rio 2 - $13.6 million
5. Brick Mansions – $9.6 million
6. Transcendence - $4.1 million
7. The Quiet Ones - $4 million
8. Bears - $3.6 million
9. Divergent - $3.6 million
10. A Haunted House 2 - $3.2 million