Adult Beverages And Close Friends Are A Must For Any Good 'Moms' Night Out'


Being a mother can be a hard, often-thankless job, and occasionally a mom just needs to have a night on the town with some friends. In the upcoming family comedy adventure Moms' Night Out, a simple night out on the town with friends spirals quickly out of control.

Moms' Night Out
stars Patricia Heaton, formerly of Everybody Loves Raymond, and Sarah Drew, of Grey's Anatomy, were on the red carpet at the premiere of the film at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and they stopped to talk with ET about what makes for the perfect night out for a mom.

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"My Moms night outs are generally going out to dinner, someplace where I can actually talk and have a conversation, with good friends. And have some great wine and a great meal, and just kind of hang," said Drew, who became a mother in January 2012 when she and her husband welcomed their first son.

"Or just stay at home in pajamas with wine, and food. There always has to be wine, wine is necessary," Drew added.

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Patricia Heaton shared Drew's idea of a fun Moms' night. Aside from "adult beverages," Heaton said the most essential aspect to a good night out is "good friends."

"And for woman to step outside of their mom role, for a minute," Heaton added.

Check out the video for more from the stars of the upcoming comedy Moms' Night Out, which is set to hit theaters May 9.