Exclusive Clip: A Serious Social Media Faux Pas in 'Friended to Death'


Does your life revolve completely around social media? Do you have a friend who is hopelessly addicted to Facebook? Do you need a "poke" to get back into reality? Veronica Mars star Ryan Hansen, Black Sails hunk Zach McGowan and Once Upon a Time star James Immekus take on the foibles of social media in the new comedy Friended to Death -- in select theaters Friday and on VOD May 9 -- and we have an exclusive clip!

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A dark, "bromantic" comedy, the satirical Friended to Death follows obnoxious L.A. parking enforcement officer Michael Harris (Hansen), who begins to question whether anyone would care or not if he died after he's fired from his dream job and ditched by his best friend (McGowan). Lost in despair, he recruits the help of his pushover pal Emile (Immekus) to fake his own death online. Will people click "like," or actually show up at his funeral?

The feature film debut of director/writer/producer Sarah Smick, Friended to Death also stars veteran actors Richard Riehle, Angela Bullock and Bobby Ray Shafer.

Watch the full trailer for the film: