A Quick Guide To All Of Spider-Man's Many Comic Book Costumes


In TheAmazing Spider-Man 2, which earned a whopping $92 million at the box office in its opening weekend, Spidey's costume has been over-hauled. With larger, white eyes and a more traditional design, Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield has said that he thinks is a warmer, more welcoming look your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

However, this is not the first costume re-design the iconic web-slinging hero has undergone, and the fine folks over at Mashable have created this fantastic infographic guide to every one of the legendary character's wardrobe choices.

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From Spider-Man's adventures in 1600s England, to his fantastical forays into the future, and his many personality changes (usually due to mind-bending alien parasites,) young Peter Parker spent many a night at his sewing machine.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
opened in theaters everywhere May 2 and is leading the box office.

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