Exclusive: Patricia Heaton Documents How She Gets Red Carpet Ready!

Patricia Heaton goes on camera to document how she gets red carpet ready!

Patricia Heaton debuted her new comedy Moms' Night Out this week in Hollywood and ET was exclusively allowed to tag along with the actress as she documented on her iPad what it REALLY takes to get red carpet ready!

"Getting ready for something like a premiere isn't as easy as it seems -- it's not just putting on some lipstick and getting in a car," the former Everybody Loves Raymond star revealed in the uncensored video. "First of all you have to get a little inspiration -- I like to start with some good music and a walk in the park."

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Patricia then begins another pre-red carpet ritual -- exercise! "More working out, this time on the bike -- in flip flops. I just got a pedicure, also doing free weights, watching a true crime show and wearing sunglasses -- that's what we do in Hollywood, no matter where we go," she jokes. 

She also reveals that she eats a much lighter meal than usual on the big night. "It's the only time I eat kale and wheatberry salad."

She even comments to her makeup artist, "I'm so excited -- I hope I win!" But she's then reminded by her husband David Hunt -- with whom she stars in Moms' Night Out and attends the premiere -- that it's not an awards show, just a premiere. "I'm going to turn into a pumpkin in a minute if we don't get on this red carpet," she says.

Watch the video for more of Patricia's preps for the debut of Moms' Night Out, hitting theaters Friday, May 9.