New Trailer: Melissa McCarthy's Hilarious Path of Destruction as 'Tammy'

New Line Cinema

Ever since her breakout role in Bridesmaids, Melissa McCarthy has quickly become the queen of the summer comedy, and in her new romp Tammy, she plows a path of pathetic destruction as a woman who doesn't deal with a bad day very well. Watch the hilarious trailer...

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In theaters July 2, Tammy casts Melissa as a regular gal with delusions of grandeur who is fooling no one but herself... After she totals her clunker car, gets fired from her thankless greasy burger joint job and finds her husband getting cozy with the neighbor, she decides to chuck it all and head to Niagara Falls. The only problem is she has no car or cash. So she recruits her grandma Pearl (played by Susan Sarandon) for the ultimate road trip.

"Grandma, I don;'t know where I'm going," says the aimless Tammy, who has become a fugitive from justice. Will Pearl set her straight, or join in the fun?

Co-written and co-produced by McCarthy and directed by Ben Falcone (who also co-wrote), Tammy also stars Allison Janney, Gary Cole, Mark Duplass, Toni Collette, Nat Faxon, Sandra Oh, Dan Aykroyd and Kathy Bates. The film is co-produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.