Minnie Driver's New Role is the Hardest Thing She's Ever Done


In her upcoming Lifetime movie, Return to Zero, Minnie Driver plays a mom who loses a baby in the womb. As a mother herself, the story hit close to home.

"I've never done anything harder in my life than this film," Minnie, 44, said.

The movie tells the true story of the film's writer and director Sean Hanish and his wife Kiley.

Kiley was 35 weeks pregnant when she went into early labor and found out that their son had passed away.

"I didn't know what to do, but you have to deliver your baby," said Kiley. "So you have to go through that whole delivery process."

The cause of death was revealed to be a cyst on their son's liver, which burst. There was nothing the parents could have done.

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Making matters worse, the hospital staff didn't appear to be phased by the loss.

"They made me feel like my baby was trash," said Kiley. "They put him in a cardboard box in front of us."

While the loss still isn't easy, Kiley told us that making the movie has been good for her spirit.

"I think the movie has been extremely healing for me, because it's allowed me to talk about my story and connect with other people that have also been through it," said Kiley.