Let's Get Blunt: How Did Tom & Emily Go Potty in 'Edge' Exo-Suits?


Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt must outwit alien invaders with the help of 125-pound "exo-suits" in their intense new sci-fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow, in theaters June 6. After trying on one of those suits for size, special ET correspondent Carly Steel had "massive respect" for the stars and asks perhaps the most obvious, amusing -- and perhaps a little TMI -- question of the day. How did Tom and Emily take bathroom breaks wearing those things?

"We just peed our pants," quips Emily. "It was real in the trenches."

With his trademark grin, Tom interrupts, "No we didn't -- come on -- now we're going to have to be going to the next [interview], like, "No, no no, Em was joking."

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Based on the acclaimed novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge of Tomorrow finds Earth under attack by a superior alien race called Mimics, forcing the outmatched human race to band together for one last stand. Tom plays a combat-inexperienced officer forced into a suicide mission whose direct physical contact with the Mimics propels him into a Groundhog Day-style time loop, dooming him to die over and over again – and discover the key to defeating the enemy.

"We did laugh a lot, even in the trenches, we were there in the dirt, and the sweat, and the blood -- we had a lot of fun doing that."

Stay tuned to ET as Carly flies along with Tom and Emily as they premiere their film in three different cities in three different countries this week: London, Paris and New York!