Inside the Intense 'Jack Ryan' Fight Scene That Broke Chris Pine's Finger


A pivotal moment in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, out on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, happens early in the film, when Chris Pine's titular hero finds himself in a brutal tussle with his driver/bodyguard, played by the towering Brit star Nonso Anozie. What a lot of people don't know is that Pine broke his finger while shooting the intense scene -- and kept on going. ETonline sits down with Anozie to get his take on shooting the brutal scene -- and why he just might make for the perfect spy in real life... Watch the video!

"In the fight scene, Chris Pine rugby tackles me into a bar, and there was one take where he was supposed to go high and I was supposed to go low -- and we both went high -- and he actually broke his finger," explains the imposing, soft-spoken Anozie. "He had a spiral fracture down his middle finger. ... [but] he was tough about it and went on with the rest of the scene."

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An all-new adventure based on Tom Clancy's classic character, the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit storyline finds Ryan -- an injured Marine recruited by CIA spook Kevin Costner to work as a high-level CIA analyst -- sent to Moscow to investigate the disappearance of huge sums of money from Russian accounts. There, he becomes a full-fledged operative after discovering a terrorist plot to collapse America's economy, which puts his love (played by Keira Knightley) directly in jeopardy. Kenneth Branagh plays the film's villain and also directs the origin story from screenwriter David Koepp. Colm Feore, Gemma Chan, Karen David and David Paymer also star.

"Most spies have to be inconspicuous and look like everybody else -- I'm built like a linebacker, so I don't I won't stand out in a crowd," laughs Anozie about the possibility of becoming a real-life spy. "But I suppose being unusual, I'd be the person you'd least suspect to be a spy."

The Blu-ray Combo Pack with Digital HD bonus features include deleted and extended scenes; filmmaker commentary; and the behind-the-scenes featurettes Jack Ryan: The Smartest Guy in the Room; Sir Kenneth Branagh: The Tsar of Shadow Recruit; Jack Ryan: A Thinking Man of Action; and Old Enemies Return. The film will also be available as a single-disc DVD.