Kevin Hart Reveals His Plans For Dwyane Wade's Bachelor Party


In the upcoming comedy Think Like A Man Too, Kevin Hart is given the task of organizing a wild and crazy bachelor party in Las Vegas. Inevitably, things get a little too wild and way too crazy and the entire cast finds itself in Las Vegas lockup.

But how close to this situation would a real party thrown by the super-popular comic turn out? ET got the scoop from Harts closest friends and co-stars on the red carpet at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

"Let me tell you something, I wouldn't trust Kevin Hart at all, because somebody might die," joked producer William Packer, who has worked with Hart on a number of films in the past. "Kevin Hart goes hard. I think God made him short, but he gave him an extra liver. It's weird, because that boy can drink the whole cast under the table."

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Hart's co-star Regina Hall, who appeared opposite Hart earlier this year as well in About Last Night, had similar reservations.

"I don't trust him to plan [my parties], but, you know, I'd go, because I know it'd be fun," said Hall.

Later, Gabrielle Union made a surprising revelation about Hart and his party planning future. It turns out that Hart is actually planning her fiancé Dwyane Wade's bachelor party.

"Hopefully they don’t get arrested," Union said, laughing.

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However, when confronted with this claim, Kevin Hart feigned ignorance. "What? That's ridiculous. What is she talking about? I don't even know Dwyane like that."

"If I were to plan Dwyane's bachelor party, it would be a night of church," Hart continued, with a straight face. "I mean, I think we both are spiritual guys, so we would probably just get our bible, and see who can read the whole thing first."

You can see for yourself what happens when Hart is pulling the strings when Think Like A Man Too hits theaters June 20.