Mila Kunis On 'Fighting For Her Child' At 'Third Person' Premiere


In Paul Haggis' upcoming romantic drama Third Person, Mila Kunis plays a mother who is fighting for the right to see her young son after being accused to attempting to kill him. The child's father, played by James Franco, is trying to gain sole custody, while Kunis is trying to get her child back.

It's a dark drama, and one that seems especially pertinent to Kunis, as she is currently pregnant with fiancé Ashton Kutcher's child.

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Kunis, who looked gorgeous on the red carpet in a billowy black dress, stopped to talk to ET, and was asked about how she could possibly put herself in the shoes of her character.

"I don't think any mother ever wants to put herself in a position to imagine having to fight for her child," Kunis answered tersely.

Check out the intense romantic drama Third Person when it opens June 20, in limited release.

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