Five Things You Didn't Know About Pixar Films


ET is kicking off summer with Pixar Summer Movies To Go, available exclusively on the Disney Movies Anywhere App. It’s a new app that allows users to browse, view, and purchase Marvel, Pixar and Disney movies on the go! Check it out each week throughout the summer for a fan-favorite Pixar film along with exclusive bonus content including interviews, trivia, and other surprises.  In celebration, ET is breaking down 5 things you didn’t know about Pixar!

5. The Pizza Planet Truck Is Everywhere

Did you know the infamous Pizza Planet truck, first seen in the original Toy Story, makes an appearance in nearly every Pixar Film?  The fictional space-themed delivery truck appears in every movie to date with the exception of The Incredibles.

4. It All Started With A Lamp

When Pixar Executive John Lasseter was just learning to make models back in 1986, he chose the nearest and easiest subject, an architect’s lamp sitting on his desk.  This simple idea evolved into a short film revolving around two desk lamps, Luxo Jr. and Luxo Sr., playing with a small inflatable rubber ball.  The short was nominated for an Academy Award, and Luxo Jr. has since evolved into Pixar’s mascot and production logo we all know so well.

3. Never Miss Lunch

In the summer of 1994, as Toy Story production was coming to a close, there was a lunch at Hidden City Café, a diner just a few blocks from Pixar’s former studio in Richmond, California.  At this lunch, story ideas that would later become A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and Wall-E were brought to life.  A tribute to the now closed diner is referenced in the opening scenes of Monsters Inc.

2. The Secret Is In The Numbers

A113 is an Easter egg referenced by alumni of California Institute of Arts.  The number refers to a classroom used by graphic design and animation students, including John Lasseter and Pixar Executive Brad Bird.  It has made appearances in each Pixar film, as well as in a number of Disney films, various television shows and even video games.

Watch the video above to find out what #1 is. Here’s a hint: once you learn #1, you may find out what the next Pixar movie will be.