'Think Like a Man Too' Cast Answers: 'Would You Rather?'


Say the wrong name at the altar or in bed? Be in a music video for Bound 2 or Wrecking Ball?

These are just a few of the questions the cast of Think Like a Man Too answered for ET while promoting their upcoming film, in theaters June 20.

Rather than having one of our reporters ask the questions, we wanted to make sure the gang felt as comfortable as possible. So, we took three guest ET reporters (and stars of the film) Gabrielle Union, Gary Owen, and Romany Malco and asked them to put their cast mates in the hot seat and answer "Would you rather?"

While their answers varied for a few of our questions, they all seemed to be in agreement when it came to choosing which music video they’d rather be a part of.

"Wrecking Ball baby!!!," Taraji P. Henson said.

Kevin Hart didn't think twice about his answer. He hosted the Video Music Awards back in August where Miley Cyrus apparently made just as much of a lasting impression on the comedian as she did on the audience.

“Not that Bound 2 wouldn't be dope, but Wrecking Ball,” Kevin determined. “I think being around Miley Cyrus is probably the funniest thing ever. So, Miley.”

Check out the video above to see the rest of their answers to more "would you rather" questions.