#MCM: Man Crush Monday's Hottest Celebrity Brothers!


What's better than one hot celeb, how about two? In honor of Man Crush Monday, we're taking a look at Hollywood's hottest celebrity brothers!

James and little brother Dave Franco will star in the upcoming flick The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room that James is directing and producing but Dave revealed in the July issue of Cosmopolitan that he would never date one his brother's is ex-girlfriends.

"It's a lose-lose situation. Either I'm dating the girl he used to date and it ends up horrible, or it ends up great, we get married, and then have awkwardness for the rest of our lives when James is around."

And Aussie hotties Chris and Liam Hemsworth both star in big action blockbusters like The Hunger Games and The Avengers but Chris told W Magazine that when he audition for Thor they liked his brother better.

"He was one of the final five guys up for the part, but none of them were quite right. My manager said, 'If you liked Liam, maybe you’ll also like his older brother.'"

Boston boys Ben and Casey Affleck may not have an equal number of movies under their belt but that didn't stop him from casting Casey in his directorial debut in 2007's Gone Baby Gone.

Check out this video to see what Ben had to say about working with his little brother on set!