EXCLUSIVE: First Look at James Franco and Kate Hudson's Killer New Movie, 'Good People'

Millennium Entertainment

Lovers. Thieves. Killers.

James Franco and Kate Hudson are blurring the lines between right and wrong in in our exclusive first look poster for their new thriller, Good People.

The upcoming flick stars the A-listers as Tom and Anna Reed, a financially challenged couple who find a duffle bag full of $400,000 in cash in their dead neighbor's apartment. So what do they do? They spend it, of course! (Hey, no judgment.)

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Although the ridiculously attractive couple planned on only using a small amount of their newfound fortune to get them out of debt, the two begin to relish their flush financial status. And that's when very bad things start happening to good people.

Omar Sy and Tom Wilkinson also star in the adrenaline-pumping flick which hits theaters September 26.Take a look at the full trailer below to witness all of the money-crazed stars fight for their lives in the upcoming drama Good People.

Good People opens in Theaters, Premium On Demand, and digital download on Friday, September 26.

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