TBT: What Made Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams The Perfect Pair in 'The Notebook'


It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since The Notebook made its big screen debut. In honor of the anniversary we’re sending it back to 2004 for Throwback Thursday!

Since its release, The Notebook has gone on to be one of the best love stories to be portrayed on the big screen. But it turn out played Noah in the film was one role that Ryan Gosling didn't think he was cut out for.

“I met with him and I said 'Nicky, you know come on. This is not the face for a romantic lead.' And he said 'I know, that's why you got to do it,’” Ryan admitted to ET in 2004, talking about his conversation with Director Nick Cassavetes before he took the part. “And he's like, Brad Pitt, anyone's going to fall in love with Brad Pitt. You, who's going to fall in love with you and I thought, 'yeah, that's mean, but you don't need to say that.' He was like, no I'm not trying to be mean I'm just saying that you make babies cry.”

Once Ryan signed on to the part, it was time to find the female lead … and in walked Rachel McAdams to audition for the role of Allie Calhoun.

“Rachel kind of came in and Nick said, ‘Do you have any questions’ and she said ‘No,’” Ryan told ET about his co-stars first audition. “And he said ‘Do you know this girl?’ and she said ‘Yeah’ he said ‘Do you want to talk about it at all?’ and he said ‘Alright go’ And she kind of went.”

Check out this video to see why Rachel and Ryan ended up making the perfect pair in The Notebook.